Update: Journal Restrictions

Due to over-spamming I will no longer be accepting anonymous comments on my journal. And for personal reasons, some of my older entries will be friends-locked. If you'd like to be a friend or read something specific
(like a concert report) please send me a pm with your reasons. I really am a nice person.

Thank you!


Update? (!)

Hey all! Long time no see. I literally haven't touched livejournal for months, and last time I did was just to double check something I was messaged about on Twitter.

In light of the updated Russian user agreement, I just wanted to make clear what I was doing with my journal, because I think a lot of people are still following me on here, on my fanfic community, or on my sales journal (sushisalez).

I'm going to import my private journal and maybe my fics to Dreamwidth if that isn't a huge pain in the ass, just in case it gets deleted. Since that seems like the worse that could happen to me, not living in Russia, I'll leave everything else as it is, just like I have up until now. I'm trying to start a new blog for everyday life/photos/events I go to/selling my used stuff, but I still haven't decided where to do that. I'm active on Twitter and Tumblr for the most part, but those haven't turned out well as blogs. Dreamwidth doesn't seem to be what I want. I especially interested in something easy to use on my phone, so I know I've asked so many times for recommendations but I'm still open to them.

That's all! If people are moving let me know your new information, even if I don't think I'm going to get into Dreamwidth that deeply.

Arashi Are You Happy Tour report - November 11, 2016 Sapporo

Edit: I've updated this entry on the 12the after seeing the second show to add details I didn't notice before or mistakes I made in my report. For new or different things from the second concert please check the separate entry.

This was the first day of the first venue. I went to the concert with some friends (not yarukizero, for those curious she is into another group right now and not really up to date with Arashi). Our seats were 3-4 rows back towards the side of the stands (near 1st base). We had a great view when the carts came by and could see the stages fairly well.Collapse )

Pimpin' it

Hello everyone! I am not dead! But I am here to tell you that I'm not using livejournal much these days (as if you didn't know). There's not many active people on here anymore, so I've tried to move to other social networking websites. So please add me if you haven't already!

My open Twitter account: @saigo_no_lady
My Japan sales/proxy service Twitter account: @sushisalez
(I also have a locked account for my private things, if you'd like that shoot me a pm or email)

And, in hopes of re-starting up a blog-type thing, I'm starting to post on tumblr again: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/nakedlink
I intend to combine advertising my proxy/goods buying service, as well as post pictures I take in Japan, and write short text blogs about life. It's not going to be overly personal because it's open to the public, so I might still post here again for something like that in the future.

On that note, does anyone else have recommendations of other sites?

And unrelated, I started to crochet recently and was hoping to sell some stuff online. I opened an etsy store but it seems like there are too many people selling similar things, so without paid advertising I'm never going to show up on the search results. I think it's better for me to sell in Japan but I don't know any handmade item selling sites here. Any advice on this front?